International Mediation and ADR Services

Frascogna ADR provides special mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services for conflicts involving multinational parties. International disputes often occur as a result of misunderstandings and misinterpretations between parties arising from different languages, customs, and laws. The timely resolution of many disputes may be achieved by early identification of these conflicting forces. Frascogna ADR approaches complex multinational matters with a sensitivity to competing cultural influences as its team guides the parties through the mediation process. Frascogna’s extensive educational and ADR experience are enhanced by Margerita Jurkovic’s educational accomplishments and supplemented by her command of six languages (Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, English, Italian, German). Together Frascogna and Jurkovic provide multinational parties a highly professional, efficient and confidential approach to conflict resolution.


Frascogna: $500/hr plus reimbursement of reasonable expenses. Travel rate to be determined.

Margerita Jurkovic

Margerita Jurkovic serves as a foreign lawyer at Frascogna law firm from 2018. She graduated cum laude from European Law faculty in 2010. Her dissertation was written in the area of international law, specifically on the Legal Status of Gibraltar its national self-determination. It was published as a professional article in Dignitas, a Slovenian law review magazine. After finishing her Master of Laws at the European Law faculty she worked as a legal counsellor and a family law mediator for five years handling domestic dispute child custody and property settlements.

She is CEO of a non-profit that provides pro bono legal services for the victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, where she also serves as a neutral evaluator in divorce cases. In 2018 she graduated magna cum laude at the Mississippi College School of Law, where she received her second Master of Laws and specialized in entertainment law. She serves as a member of a governmental group advocating against human trafficking since 2011. In 2019, she successfully concluded her PhD in the field of the Criminal Law at the European Law Faculty. She has authored several articles on domestic violence and human trafficking, and her most recent articles are, “Convenience Of The Parties” and “Mediation As A Form Of Alternative Dispute Resolution.”


Jurkovic: $300/hr plus reimbursement of reasonable expenses. Travel rate to be determined.